Welcome to our AWS page.

As mentioned AWS has started to charge for use and reserves of IP addresses.

And here you will find a helpful link about how to calculate these costs:

And finally how to bring your own addresses:

If you only use a handful of ipv4 addresses you are probably better of to rent them from AWS. But anything over 30 addresses it becomes increasingly interesting to rather buy than rent. The more addresses you use the sooner you will see a return on investment. 

If you decide to buy ipv4 we highly recommend that you buy Legacy ipv4 addresses. This is for the most part because of the annual fees for the Regional Internet Registries such as RIPE and ARIN that you will be paying when you have regular IP addresses. Moreover we recommend getting RIPE Legacy Ipv4 as ARIN has plans to start charging for owning these too. RIPE allows you to have a sponsoring LIR which costs far less.