IPv4 Sellers

If you are looking to sell Ipv4 Address Space you have come to the right place. Ipv4 Exchange International has been helping clients sell ipv4 blocks since 2014.

We guarantee a smooth and easy process when you sell your Ipv4 block. So if you have Ipv4 for sale, contact us as soon as possible. We are always up to date with the latest pricing information from the marketplace. Whether you want to sell quickly or wait for the right moment, we can guide you to the most optimal result when you wish to sell an IP address block.

We have experience with RIPE, Apnic and ARIN blocks whether transferring within their own region or as an inter-RIR transfer. Additionally we are specialized in socalled Legacy Ipv4 space. The characteristics of Legacy space are very different to the standard RIR allocated blocks.

That brings us to Ipv4 value. This depends on many factors such as blacklisting and the region Ipv4 has been used in the past. Also whether a block is Legacy or not influences price. We can assist in cleaning your blocks, removing blacklisting before offering to potential buyers. You could be in a certain country making selling your resources more difficult, we can help find a solution to these problems. Thanks to our problem solving attitude we are fortunate to have many satisfied repeat customers.

So what is the general process? It’s not that complicated. As we have many repeat clients looking to buy it shouldn’t take long to find a suitable buyer. The vast majority of transactions is done through an online notary. We guide you through the entire process. The system protects you and the buyer alike.