Ipv4 Exchange has developed a specialization for Legacy IP space.

Legacy IP space are the IP blocks that were allocated by ICANN to mostly larger corporations before the Regional Internet Registries such as ARIN and RIPE were founded. Therefore these IP blocks have a special status which makes them more valuable.

These are the pros:

  • Legacy IPs are not governed by the RIRs and therefore their rules and regulations do not apply.
  • Legacy IP space is therefore ‘real’ ownership compared to regular PA and PI blocks that are merely licensed to the LIR member or to the end user via a sponsoring LIR as PI space.
  • Adding the ips as an asset to your balance sheet, if that is advantageous, would be an option.
  • They can be used as an alternative to PI space in the same way; you need a sponsoring LIR.
  • You can have Legacy IP blocks in your LIR account if you wish and still keep their Legacy status.
  • Because the rules don’t apply you can sell/transfer them whenever you want. You can buy them today and resell them next week. This can also be interesting if you need a very specific number of ips. The ones you don’t need can be sold immediately. You can also easily transfer between sister companies.
  • This ability to transfer immediately gives the IP block characteristics of a store of value, a currency.
  • they can also be transferred to and from Afrinic and Lacnic (the latter has now started Inter RIR transfers).
  • You have more privacy as Legacy transfers are not published when transferred within the RIPE region.
  • You can convert your Legacy IP blocks to PA or PI status, RIPE will be very happy to do this for you. After that it is not possible to change back to Legacy.
  • You can transfer a Legacy block to a company that is not a member of any RIR.
  • As you can hold Legacy resources without using the services of a RIR you save on the annual RIR fees if you choose so.
  • And finally it is in fact possible to change ownership without doing an actual transfer. You can edit the details and change the MNT details which in effect changes ownership. It is however recommended to also file the transfer with RIPE.


  • You pay a premium for Legacy IP space. They are generally between 5 and 10 percent more expensive as they are very sought after by those in the know about the pros and brokers also favour them as they can be bought and sold directly.
  • The majority of people are not aware of the pros that owning Legacy space brings.
  • RIPE and other LIRs are not a fan of Legacy space and potentially they might try to make things difficult for you. For example, you could not advertise Legacy space in the RIPE Transfer Listing Service when that was still in place.